Sunday, February 22, 2015

Where I Live

It's hot today.


John said...

The video would not play. It told me so in Spanish (???)

Down here in the tropics,(The People's Republic aka MA), rain and temps in the forties were forecast so I paid big bucks for a contractor to remove the snow from the house roof and the garage.

What do I get, temps in the low thirties and light snow.
I hate Winter.

Sam L. said...

I will avoid telling you exactly what I see out my windows, other than that it's God's creation and I like what he's done with it. not that I have a choice other than to move, and then I'd have to leave all this new carpet behind, and it's in need of being walked on. The dog likes it, too.

leelu said...

Sweltering! We're at 37 here in York County, Pa. Almost tempter to go out & work on a tan.

Excepting the dermatologist would get upset if I did. I've already been flensed enough, as penance for my bronzed beach-god days.

Leslie said...

We have a guest house, if you would like to visit. Between 65 and 75 the next few days.

Gringo said...

I do not envy you. My brother and his wife live in Maine, so they know better than I what you are experiencing.

From my childhood experience of New England winters, I can say that New Englanders appreciate summer more than those people who reside further south.