Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Past Is Foreign Country. They Do Things Differently There

You do not want to go to 1971.

Idi Amin just got elected on the fava beans and Chianti ticket. Sixty-six people were killed by a staircase in Glasgow. Rolls Royce went bankrupt but OPEC didn't. South Vietnam invaded Laos because they didn't have anything to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Fifty tornadoes killed 74 people minding their own business in Mississippi, because the tornado industry was unionized and featherbedded back then. The United Nations declared the first Earth Day because the Earth needed an agent, I guess. The Khmer Rouge started getting frisky in Phnom Penh.There was some unpleasantness in Attica State Prison. The Montreux Casino burned down during a Frank Zappa concert, prompting Deep Purple to write Smoke on the Water. Audie Murphy died and Kid Rock was born. Richard Nixon imposed a 90-day freeze on wages, which has somehow lasted until today for me.

Knowing all this, Ike Turner's hairstyle makes perfect sense.


Casey Klahn said...

Yeah! She acquits herself well, even without her thunder-dome backdrop.

I think you've started a new meme, here. Blame "it" on Nixon. It makes perfect sense, and I would never tire of hearing it. #ThanksNixon!

chasmatic said...

Tina sure is an uptown girl doing downtown business.

Sam L. said...

Yaknow, I think Ike's hair got stole by oneathem ABBA girls. Died it blonde, though.

Tina! Made 1971 Sooooooooooooooooo much better!

Sixty Grit said...

I had forgotten just what phenomenal energy Tina brought to the stage - what a dynamo!