Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas To All Our Friends, Everywhere

Peace on Earth, and good will towards men. To me, it's more than meaningless words appended to the modern equivalent of Have a Nice Day. Many people have shown good will towards me and my family. I send my meager good will back, like a weak backhand return from the baseline from a powerful serve, but one must try or be aced.

When you put your head on your pillow, your mind can swim with work unfinished, or battles lost, or simple regret. Or you can go down the list of kindnesses you've had in your life. Guess which one sends you off to sleep faster.

I slept like a baby last night, and never got through the list. I never do.


Johnny Glendale said...

Merry Christmas to all Sipps everywhere. I'm not a prayin' kinda guy, but when I say prayers with The Lad every night, the Sipps are in there, with full heart and full hope. Only the best to all a youse in the coming year.

Thud said...

Merry Christmas sip to you. family and all the strays that visit here.

Sam L. said...

My recollection of my kids as babies is waking up often and changing their wet diapers, but everybody's life is different somehow from everyone else's.

Howsomever, The Best To You and Your Family out in the Frozen North; may your cottage not leak nor fall down, and keep you warm thru the winter.

chasmatic said...

Peace be with you, and a blessing on your house.

A clear conscience makes a soft pillow.