Friday, December 26, 2014

Hey, Remember That Time The Audience Outnumbered The Ska Band?

Me neither.


julie said...


Seems like a poor choice of songs; if that crowd simmers down any more, they'll be comatose.

That said, I like the music. Looks like a fun group.

Billy Oblivion said...

You mean like this:

chasmatic said...

Seem like a nice clean-cut bunch of kids. Perhaps made up of some high school band members bustin' loose. A look at the crowd tells me that White folks still can't dance. It is a group you could take home to mother.

Naw, Bill, like this —


Sam L. said...

That hat the drummer's wearing, Mr. Sippi--THAT'S what The Spare oughta wear. Goes perfectly with the shades. Or even plain glasses. (I trust you don't let him have the whiskey glasses.)