Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Gypsy

Unexplained Carousel

A strange and foreign place lost in a reverie and you walk nowhere or anywhere and think nothing. You're prepared to see any sort of wonder or gape like an imbecile at the most mundane thing because it's news to you. Wogs or supermen or ghosts or something live here. And the stone is not just stone but hard stone and your foot wears it away like Caesar and Michelangelo and Savonarola and all the nobodies did. You look like you belong here but you don't. You walk and you look at everyone and everything and here you're the child who can't even ask for what you want and don't know what anything is for and everyone is your friend and a stranger all at once and you are in in their thrall.

Then there's this carousel in the middle of nowhere if this is nowhere how would I know with no one on it and it's just there with no hint of a reason for it there are no children. There it is a world spinning empty. It doesn't belong there and you don't belong there and you stand there accusing one another of nothing. It serves only to remind you that your children are out of sight across an ocean and you weep for yourself and you weep for a whole goddamn continent that sent its children across an ocean never to return.


drdave said...

That is kinda sad and creepy. Maybe they should put the carousel in an old folks home where someone could enjoy the memories.

Gringo said...

Reincarnation of Django and Stefan.

Anonymous said...

On a recent trip to Florence a shop-keeper told us there were an excess of 'want to be' grandparents and a serious shortage of grandchildren.

Thud said...

They seem to appear in most Tuscan towns during summer, not sure about the one in Florence but you can't keep my kids off em.