Friday, August 08, 2014

'Playing The Blues With Four Hands With Margrethe' Isn't A Euphemism, But It Should Be

It's not possible not to have a crush on Blossom Dearie.

I've never played the blues with four hands with Margrethe. I have worn Irish handcuffs, though. I've also played the Irish banjo. I've thrown Irish confetti. I've worn the Irish suitcoat. I've never doled out Irish sunglasses, however.

Also sprach Sippican:

A Voice That Would Scarcely Reach The Second Story Of A Dollhouse
Peel Me A Grape


Cachinnosus said...

Le sublime.

chasmatic said...

Listening to this girl is so soothing it puts me to sleep. I guess that's good, eh?

Larry Geiger said...

Girl's got some piano fingers!