Thursday, August 07, 2014

If You Make Things, You Are My Brother: Keith Newstead

Keith Newstead makes... things.

Things like that have a name, of course. They're automata. It's the basis for the word automaton. There's a very long tradition of making things that do things without doing anything. They're just meant to capture the imagination in an ingenious way. Mission accomplished.

Keith Newstead


drdave said...

Looks like something Rube Goldberg would have done in his spare time.

Sam L. said...

But without and end result, other than entertainment.

Deborah HH said...

Completely enchanting.
I wonder what the dimensions are.

chasmatic said...

My wife calls me automata once and a while. It's a compliment, right?

Sam L. said...

We have an art and arty-crafts store in my little town that has things of this sort, motorized, but rather less complex.

Cachinnosus said...

I'm just here for the flyball governor.