Thursday, August 21, 2014

Going Out Of Business, Music Industry Style

This video is accompanied by a Going Out Of Business sign on its YouTube page:
On the eve of this milestone release, Belleruche announced that they are saying farewell, or at least, "see you in a bit"; the close-knit trio have decided to pursue individual creative and personal avenues after eight hardworking, exhilarating and globetrotting years of Belleruche.

I remember there was a furniture store in the little town I grew up in. It had a going out of business sign in the window in big, block letters. It was painted on.

Me? I prefer my Minor Swing to be played by actual minors, thanks. 


Gringo said...

News of a musical group disbanding reminded me of Hot Club of Cowtown, which disbanded one time and later regrouped.[Cowtown- that would be Fort Worth.]

Sam L. said...

I'm with you, Mr. Sippi.

Cletus Socrates said...

How many years were they in business with the "Going Out of Business" sign?

Anonymous said...

(the furniture store)

Larry Geiger said...

My brother is a drummer. Drummers are born, not made. They twitch and tap and bang and pound from the time they are about 1 1/2 years old. All the time. They bang on furniture, floors, walls, tables, school desks, etc. Then they discover drumsticks. Then it all goes south. Then they drum on furniture, floors, walls, tables and desks with the drumsticks LOUDLY!! Constantly! Incessantly!

Then they find out about perididdles and cymbals and drum heads and my oh my, bass drums. Big, hollow, LOUD bass drums. What's a person to do. His wife finally bought him an electronic drum set. Now all anyone hears is tippy, tapping out in the garage. Except for him. He has the earphones on and can hear the whole thing in thrumming stereo.

His band plays stuff like:


and some John Prine. Oh well. Just keep on tapping.