Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Guarantee Thud Knows Who Connie Lush Is

Thud's a born lever puller. He makes mighty men-children and princesses by the bushel. He can raise a bothy from the dead and make its vergeboards dance. He drives a Reliant Robin covered with human skulls. He could take hostages at martial arts competitions, but he doesn't because they want too much to eat.  He's my friend if he'll have it.



Cletus Socrates said...

Get.down. Now get back up.

Sam L. said...

Takes a brave (or incautious) man to drive a Robin. Never seen one in the wild, or the tame--just pix.

chasmatic said...

My uncle's name is Louie Lozko. We call him "Let's go Lozko". He raises bantam chickens.

Thud said...

I know her very well and a wonder she is too.

Thud said...

Sipp, you can ride shotgun in the robin when I roadie your lads on their English tour,its truly an honour and a pleasure to know you even from a disrance.

Anonymous said...

Him walked 47 miles of barbed wire,
Used a cobra snake for a neck tie.
Got a brand new house on the roadside,
Made out of rattlesnake hide.
I got a brand new chimney made on top,
Made out of human skulls.
Now come on darling let's take a little walk, tell me,
Who do you love

Vinogirl said...

Wow! You've described my brother to a tee. Uncanny, just sayin!