Monday, April 07, 2014

The Girl From Ipanema By The Boys From Maine

My two sons, AKA Unorganized Hancock, are back with fresh material. It's bossa.

Bossa is one of those words that doesn't translate well. It's Portuguese, via Brazil, and means something's done with panache, or in a stylish, effortless way. The hippie word "cool" isn't a bad approximate. If you look up Bossa Nova, it's generally translated as "new wave," but that hardly does justice to the expression.

Bossa Nova was definitely a new, cool thing right around the Eisenhower/Kennedy divide. Back when I still played music, we referred to this song, cheekishly, as "The Girl From Iwo Jima." I had a whole set of bent lyrics for it that I could place right here and ruin the song for you forevermore, but I won't. No matter how trite the song got to be, you always new it was trite because it was wonderful and universal. It still matters. It might be the second-most popular song recorded in my lifetime.

Well, after Unorganized Hancock performed it, it became the first-most popular song at our house. Hope it is at your house, too.


vanderleun said...

Back with fresh Hancocks too. It's nice to know that Mickey Rooney has some replacements.

Philip said...

Veddy nice. Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz's version is my favorite, but I'll be adding this one to the playlist.

(and yes - I've heard the 'Iwo Jima' version too - in a seedy bar in the Philippines, no less.)

Anonymous said...

Ah, we see you've added a couple of more folks to the usual combo...fella backing the drummer looks sorta familiar-like - but the gent on keyboard...?...

Oh, well, no biggie, it's all good, and the very best of quality as we've all come to know, expect and respect.

(By the by, about that "jacking up the house wall" thingy...)



chasmatic said...

Ah, smooth. Nice mix and the keyboards/vibes makes it. I'll give it an eight, Dick. We can hear the lyrics and it's got a good beat, you can dance to it.

The split screen goes over seamlessly. Good editing m'man.

Thud said...

Effortless cool.

Eclecticity said...

Fine. Outstanding. Fun. Excellent. Great talent. You should be justly proud. Hats off to the boys. E.

Bill Jones said...

Once of Life's little pleasures is watching the girls from Ipanema take their clothes off when they reach the beach. A female work colleague from Connecticut couldn't decide between outrage or just rabid envy when she saw "the way they roll their shorts down instead of just taking them off"

How Dare They!

Ray V. said...

The boys are coming along womderfully. Nice furniture in the video…the keyboard stand looks familiar…I think I have one.