Sunday, August 25, 2013

There's A Spot In Me Heart Which No Colleen May Own

I always dreamed of meeting a girl with long, silky brown hair, really long legs, and a nice rack. Pained me to learn only the males had antlers.

On another front, it's nice to see the animal kingdom is fully on board with the Unorganized Hancock school of accessorizing:

Reader Rob informs us that Unorganized Hancock's sweet style is big in the "my pants are full" demographic as well:

If I dressed like that, people would probably assume my pants were full, too.


leelu said...

"...dressed like that..."

Hey, it's a look. Just wear your 'regular' undergarment to avoid the full pants effect.

The boys could go with it for beach shows, maybe?

Sam L. said...

I TOLD you the Spare needs a hat like that!

dadofhomeschoolers said...

Or as Bugs Bunny put it;
"I dream of Jeannie, she's a light brown hare"

Anonymous said...