Sunday, March 03, 2013

If You Make Things, You Are My Brother, Volume 27: The Walnut Headboard

Sometimes one wishes for the quiet, contemplative life.

When you are concentrating on hand work, you can think of all sorts of things. I use too many machines, myself. There is no way around it. Besides, most of what a woodworker does is plain drudgery. Customers that require oak leaves, acanthus, and shell carvings are in short supply. Customers that want them and are willing to pay for them are rarer still.

It's nice to know that someone still knows how to do the work if you've got the cake.


Leon said...

after seeing that one is tempted to attempt something like that if only for one's own use...till the camera pans over $1200 worth of chisels. absolutely gorgeous

Thud said...

I hopefully have someone lined up much later this year to carve some oak lintels for me, I'll show you if it happens (and if I can afford it!)