Saturday, February 09, 2013

Get Some Cinnamon And An Egg, Too. Mmm. French Toast


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Is that you? Or a relative? He tawks like you.

vanderleun said...

The storm of the century. As usual.

Cascadian said...

vanderleun is old school, we have debt in the trillions, surely this is the storm of the millenium.

In the "land of the twee and the home of the crave" hyperbole is essential.

teresa said...

That must have been Biff Buffington.

Casey Klahn said...

Any opportunity to overact is welcome. Like Seinfeld's last episode.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna complement this selection with an oldie my kids usta dig:

...but then I remembered one for Dad:


SippicanCottage said...

Is that me?

Young lady, I'll have you know I'm handsome.

My mother does dress me funny, though.

The Dude said...

I once, well twice, actually, talked to Tommy (pronounced Tawmy) Silva of various PBS building shows, and when I said I enjoyed hearing his accent, he said "It's youse guys dat has de accent!"

So there you have it Ruth Anne, accents are all relative. We here in the Tarheel state have not a trace of regional dialect. ;^)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Sixty Grit,
As a Midwestern-raised girl, I had no discernible accent. Then I joined the Army and was stationed in Georgia. I fought hard to not say "y'all". I clung to my "you guys" for a long time. One time "y'all" spilled out of my mouth and I clapped my hands over my mouth. My Texas-born colonel said, "That's ok, Lieutenant. You can say 'y'all', too."

My Carolina husband doubled over in laughter at "Fargo" because he thought it sounded like my brother-in-law. I could not hear it. Until I went back home for Christmas after over a year away.

Forgive me. You are much more handsome than he is.