Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Working So I Won't Have To Try So Hard

Reader and commenter and impresario Dave has challenged my Heir and The Spare again:
Alright, the chick in the Youtube video convinced me: $20 for Someday by the Strokes. A quick and easy one for ya- she's very muse-i-cal Dave (Bill Graham's got nuttin' on me)

Okey dokey. The boys know how to learn things. It's the method they've been taught. Learn-Do-Teach. Still, I'm sort of amazed that in one day they can learn a new song well enough to perform it and produce a video of it by themselves. They did enlist their old man to play the bass with them. Last resort. The song only took two takes. I made a mistake in the first one or it would have taken only one. They'll find a decent bass player. Someday.

The somewhat inferior but nonetheless somewhat charming original:



spazmo said...

Oh man. "Someday" and "Modern Age" are two of my all-time favorite Strokes songs, and this was amazing.
These kids...where to start?

(The bass was pretty solid, too.)

Leslie said...

I know that bed, where the sheets come off because of all the jumping...great song.

Anonymous said...

So I just got off a 12.5-hour ordeal, finished a paper on "Differentiated Strategies for Automotive Learners", and came here to bask in wide-eyed wonder at the glory of that beautiful feat for ear eye and mind. Now I know how Keats felt upon first looking into Chapman's Homer
I KNEW it was gonna be a quick job for y'all musical yeomen and I just wanted to see if you'd hit it outta da park with such a pitch being offered. And you did.
I award you 1000 points, and propose that a constellation be renamed in your honor.
$30 for exceeding all design specifications on ahead of schedule and under budget.
Thanks guys and congrats


Anonymous said...

Really powerful vocal performance on this one. Seems to me you've broken through a new and wonderful plateau. Congrats again.


Tom Francis said...

Well there's only one thing left to do - get them on America's Got Talent and go for it.

Great job kids - I'll think of something a little more complicated in a day or so and make an offer you can't refuse.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Spazmo- Many thanks for your kind words.

Hi Leslie- That bedroom faces the street, on the second floor. Our neighbors often remark that they see the Spare Heir's head over and over when they pass by.

Dave! Thanks for your continuing generosity. The kids have been having lots of lots of fun with it. The heir is singing better, of course, but some of the improvement was simply pointing the amplifier directly at the ambient mike. It they were recorded properly they might surprise a lot of people.

Hi Tom- Thanks. They will pick up any gauntlet you throw down -- if it doesn't require a pipe organ or a marching band, anyway.

Thanks to Dave A and Kathleen M, too, for hitting the music fund. It's much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Well you could try "Someday" by Sugar Ray or "Better Things" by the Kinks or I spose "Some Day" by Otis Spann (ha)... standard rates will apply...
Dave de Medici

Gordon Scott said...

$20 sent. Buddy Holly and the Crickets: "Oh Boy."