Friday, September 28, 2012

A Good Performer Is Technically, Musically, And Visually Interesting. Then There's Jo Jones

Love the "skate to the left" organ tone at the end. It's Caravan, again.



Rob De Witt said...

Oh my oh my oh my, music on the skins. That's just so fine.

What's the spare's take on that guy, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Then there's Lolo Jones

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Rob- He loves Jo Jones. Nine-year-olds dig that kind of animation. But his favorite is Joe Morello.

Rob De Witt said...


Man, I been listening to Joe Morello all day. It's great that he's into Joe; I think he and Jo Jones were just the berries.

Has he seen the Morello technique vids on utube yet? One of them's got Joe in 1964, which is about when I met him. Dave Brubeck played at Trinity University in San Antonio, and I got backstage and watched the whole thing up close.

Brubeck, Desmond, Gene Wright, and Joe Morello. I was 19.

Rob De Witt said...

Which reminds me....

Years later I read a guy's reminiscences of Paul Desmond, wherein he once asked him whatever happened to all the gorgeous model types he used to squire around when he was younger.

Desmond said, "Aw, chicks like that always end up with some cat that owns a factory."

"That's the way it always ends, not with a whim but a banker."

T.K. Tortch said...

I'm always amazed at how much a good drummer can get out of a small kit. I'm sure there's a drumming pedagogy lesson in that.

Once I knew this girl who played drums in a scrappy punkish rock band; she played holding her sticks cross handed like Jones and most the old-school drummers. Learned it from her dad. Freaked out the other drummers because a)they had never seen anybody play like that and b) she could play louder and faster than they could. She would wear a leather golfer's glove with the fingers cut out for a little extra grip.

Tom Francis said...

Ever notice how great drummers all have this same look on their faces when they get into the groove? And how they are echoing their drumming sub-vocally? Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa did this also. It is a curiosity.