Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Eaten Many Elephants. You Take One Bite At A Time

Sad to see that Suzanna Brandis is no longer with us. Jock Brandis is still working, though. Tugging on things on a movie set, mostly.

"Alternative lifestyles." It's a loaded term. I feel a sort of kinship with these people that's hard to explain. It's as if you are trained to be normal, and you find there's no normality anywhere in the land, so you set up normalcy in your own little sphere as best you can and people call you a weirdo. 


Casey Klahn said...

Content rish - you always bring it.

My favorite is the ocean going tug. Any one of these, much like the Great Lakes tug in the vid, are epic just sitting in dry dock.

Yes, I use "epic" as an adjective.

Brandoch Daha said...

At 6:13, he explains his father's algorithm for solving any problem at all: Break it down into little problems small enough to solve, then put it back together.

Technical education in this great nation has now advanced to the point where you can spend four years earning a degree in engineering or computer science, throw in another five or eight getting a doctorate, and leave school around age thirty without anybody ever having sullied your delicate ears with that idea.

The thing about majoring in lib arts was this: I admit everything they taught me was bullshit, it was harmless bullshit. I'd rather hire a programmer with a head full of irrelevant bullshit about The Waste Land than a head full of bullshit about programming that actually gets in the way.

Ten Mile Island said...

Great film. Thanks.

But why did I have such a visceral reaction to seeing the bathtub's water fixture? (Don't they know that's not current code?)

Sixty Grit said...

I read his Wiki (No Errors EVAH) Pedia entry and he lives down the road a bit. However, there is no mention of the watercraft. What happened to the boat?