Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flint And Steel Make A Spark

by: Sippican Cottage

Sun's beaming in the window,
There's rumbling from the floor,
We're swinging while we're swaying
Boxes dancing out the door.

Oh how our muscles ripple,
We're making twenty knots,
We're alternating; current --
We're glowing with the watts.

Pounding down the corridors,
With Bill of Lading piles;
Our output's put the boss on ice
We're blowing out the dials.

They count the beans but can't keep up,
We're cooking with the gas;
Our arms are made from tempered steel,
Our heart is made of brass.

That brass is rolled to make a tube,
The tube is bent just so;
And if we blow that trumpet, Jack,
The girls get all aglow.

The whistle blows at five o'clock,
It's twenty-three skidoo;
The guys and gals that made that stuff,
Go out for dancing too.

They box the compass of the steps
Then swing from chandeliers;
They leave the clerks there in the lurch
Then kick it up a gear.

They pound the floor into the ground,
They swing and then they sway;
They'd drink to all their troubles,
But they've long since gone away.

They close the places late at night,
And walk home 'neath the stars;
Arm in arm, exchanging charms
One's Venus, one is Mars.

Mighty children spring from them,
To keep the flame alight;
They nurse them with acetylene,
And ultra-violet light.

They grow some whiskers when they're old,
And sit down for a spell;
Their Ercoles will take their place,
And raise a little hell.


Sixty Grit said...

That was interesting, but no Shake Ya Boogie. ;^)

pjt said...

Thank you, this was nice to see. The full version with original music track is here:

However, regarding your headline, at this day there is a Chevrolet Spark, but it is not manufactured in Flint, as far as I know. I think they made it in Korea, but it's too expensive even there, so the current Spark generation is manufactured near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi 60 Grit- Thanks for remembering.

Hi pjt- Thanks for reading and commenting.

Your version is infinitely superior, and I've replaced it with the one I originally had up there. Thanks!

Johnny Glendale said...

Excellent video! They weren't much for safety glasses or hearing protection back then, eh?

SippicanCottage said...



BillH said...

Ought to be counterposed to a video of today's process: Scene 1 - unloading the parts from China, India et al at dockside; Scene 2 - robots assembling the cars, with a few workers watching computer monitors.

John Lien said...

Oh, that was beautiful! A joy to watch. There was so much information conveyed in that movie. The foundry mold making, the forging of the crankshaft and on and on.

Those skills, all that specialized knowledge all those man/machines. Gone. Creative destruction I suppose. But, sigh.


Casey Klahn said...

Chevy made some great road yachts. Man.

What's next?

Sixty Grit said...

I worked in foundries, studied pattern making, metallurgy, have done sand casting, investment casting, heat treating, machining, worked on assembly lines, and so on. As soon as I could I took a job in an office. No more dust and noise.

What I found interesting about that movie is the complete lack of racial diversity. No women, either. Times have certainly changed.