Sunday, November 27, 2011

When I'm Good And Ready

If I got to go get a roscoe I'll get me a roscoe and then what? But I don't need no roscoe for you. This place is nothing but a dunghill, but I'm the cock on top of it, brother. You don't wanna come down here into my chicks. Ask anybody. You got a razor? I like it when they got a razor or some knuckles. Nothing but a minute's work and then the Man don't care what I done to you. But you don't look like you could do nothing anyway.

You see that car out front? That's me, brother. I go where I please and I do what I want and there's no bud dee can tell me different. You cats always be measuring yourself to other peoples but I'm the only yardstick here and you better know it. You don't know what you don't know and that's bad for your health if you get a notion. Why don't you slide on down the rail and let me be. There's high test and wimmins enough for everybody after I'm through and gone.

When I'm good and ready.

1 comment:

Sam L. said...

And that's when I shoot him. Let him have his say; man needs an epitaph.

Semi-famous last words; all that. Be cool.