Sunday, July 31, 2011

Make It Fonky!

I mos def must be the funky! I desire to shake my grooved thang higher! I must melt the hot stax of wax in my ears, and take off to an astral plain! We will, we will, biological clock you in the face! Raise the roofie on the sucker! It's a crisco inferno! Burn your mother's down!

(Legion of Rock Stars)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Let's put hope in your soul finger! And ebony and Merchant Ivory soap in your hole! Maceo, take me to the bridge of sighs! I wanna take your squier! Good God alrighty! They're gonna spank that plank like a rented joule! So high, I can't get over Stitt. So wide, you can't have it your way, have it your way! Make it fonky!

(Andy Rehfeldt)


SamArtDog said...

And here I thought I had a headache today. Now I know I wasn't even close. Thanks for getting rid of that one, doc.

Philip said...

that... was... painful.

Russell said...

It's like a leisurely afternoon punting down aural hell.

And before anyone mentions it, today's radio is more like the autobahn of aural hell.

As for me, if I had any sense of balance, I'd be punting.