Saturday, January 15, 2011

Teh Funnay

(A little swearing)

What I wouldn't give to sit next to my old man, in the velveteen seats in the darkened movie theater, and see the credits for The Man Who Would Be King roll one more time.


Casey Klahn said...

I give it to the first guy.

I never saw TMWWBK in the theater. Only on TV. When the Gurkha charges - that's the best scene.

My dad told me about the Gurkhas, first hand. North Italy you know. The Germans were scared to death of them.

Casey Klahn said...

Sorry. When I free associate, I am never more than 2 or 3 subjects away from the war in Italy.

Gotta get out more.

Sam L. said...

I saw a photo of a Gurkha with his kukhri w. text "I'm a lot more afraid of a small man with a big knife than I am of a big man with a small knife."

SippicanCottage said...

We always welcome rambles from Casey Klahn.

Eric said...

I met some Ghurkas in Korea. We got told not to ask to see their knives, because "they had to draw blood if they were drawn" and the Ghurkas were supposed to be very polite, and our officers didn't want them cutting themselves because a bunch of oogling GIs wanted to see a curved knife.

I was made a corporal after 15 months in the Army. The Ghurka lance corporal I talked to had been in the regiment 6 years, and had just made that grade. The guy made me feel inadequate. I actually paid more attention to what I was doing after that.

Mother Effingby said...

Peter Sellers! Do Peter Sellers!

Thud said...

I'd like to experience the same watching Zulu, both films no Englishman ( or American) should miss...especially with their father.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Jewel- We go straight to the source around here: Hitler! There was a painter for you.

Hi Thud- Caine is such a marvelous fop with a backbone of iron in that one.