Friday, January 14, 2011

The Slower Fixer-Upper

Latest installment of Maine Family Robinson is up over at Rightnetwork. A Foreclosed House Is Not A House -- Yet.

Mildly amusing picture of our bathroom in all its glory included! How can you go wrong?


Ruth Anne Adams said...

About that toilet? Is that the one for the wolf-boys, decorated with "Call of the Wild" border paper? I love seeing the home revealed like a Gypsy Rose-Lee tawdry tassel at a time.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Ruth Anne- Your question suggests there is more than one bathroom. Your question suggests wrong.

The former occupants of the house were deranged, and seemed to think they were living in a log cabin instead of Free Classic Victorian.

teresa said...

Mr C. wants to know where you get that brown antifreeze. Our hardware only sells the chartreuse and pink stuff and he finds those colors a bit too ladylike.

John Hinds said...

I'd comment at RN but can't handle 3rd party cookies. Anyhow, I got you beat. Bad. Gave $50 for my house - it had to be moved. 1100 Sq. ft., but now, after I remodeled it, sheathed it in redwood, did an add-on, spent maybe 15K, it's 2000sq. ft.; oh, and moved it myself. I've never paid a mortgage. Good on me.

Great blog. Your article is a must read. Great insight into the housing fiasco. My dad was a Realtor when I was a kid. Used to buy houses for 40K that now go for 100s of thousands, depending on the locale. I resolved never to be taken in by that. Inflation is a killer.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Teresa- Depending on your monitor, it's really slaughterhouse red.

Hi John- Thanks for sharing your story, and for your kind words.

I must admit that I love houses beyond all understanding, and never get tired of hearing about them.