Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank God That In Its Infinite Wisdom, The Universe Never Gave Me Any Girls To Raise

My wife, in a brazen attempt to head off the Anne Boleyn effect, produced an heir and a spare. It's just as well; imagine me Christmas shopping for a daughter:


Retriever said...

I am SO stealing that. Merry Christmas to you, your much better half, and the berserker boys! (two girls, and a berserker myself, all three write)

Sam L. said...

A Winner!

Pastor Jeff said...

Thanks for sharing - and consider it stolen by me as well.

Merry Christmas to all the Sippicans in the wilds of Maine, from all the Schultzes in the muddy Midwest.

julie said...


I was never much of a barbie girl, but I would totally have played with these.

Charlotte! Emily! Ahhhnne!


Oh, yeah - take that, She-Ra!

Casey Klahn said...

My daughter goes for a She-Hulk doll, herself.

The great thing about this vid is you can never tell if it's a parody for sure. That's rich.

Thud said...

Christmas shopping for girls is what a wife is for, whereas we chaps just nod sagely and feign interest in various pink objects.....they are cute though.

Mother Effingby said...

If I'd had dolls like this when I was a boy, I would never have played with my brother's Tonkas and Hotwheels. Sigh. We grow up too fast, Sip.