Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gettin' Older Now

I'm not in a nursing home eating a puzzle in the common room yet, or anything, but I'm long since past giving two craps about staying current with music. I'm deeply suspicious about anyone over thirty that pays attention to such things. Have your turn and then move on in all things.

I like young people and forgive all their enthusiasms for things dopey. It's their turn to be dopes. We got our chance to be dopes when we were younger, and if we squandered ours it's our own faults. No use going to house parties in your mini-van. Lots of teachers are becoming creepy in this respect, too. You're not my teenager's pals, pal.

So I will refrain from mentioning I've lived through a close approximation of this look and sound at least twice already. If those cute youngsters want to look like the last two on the left in a Lynyrd Skynrd photograph, god bless'em. They can stay on my lawn as long as they want if they sing and play and have fun like that.


Don said...

I agree, keeping up with music is definitely a young person's game.
I was happy to have heard Grace Potter a while back and am looking forward to her show tomorrow night here in Portland.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Brian. Even though I'm a young fifties guy, I lost track of the culture @ when Curt Cobain came along.

'Mores the shame, though, since he's from my home town and he was somebody important. I couldn't identify a song by Nirvana if it bit me.

These two have a great sound and that was fun.

Deborah said...

There was this horrible incident, New Year's Eve, 2006 I believe. Husband and I were at our son's house, and we were playing a game with other guests. Not Trivial Pursuit, but something similar.

The answer to my question was, "Pink Floyd---The Dark Side of the Moon." Except I didn't know the answer. My son went into shock. I lost all credibility in his eyes. His father tried to explain to him that the last band his mother remembered the name of was The Turtles, but it didn't matter.

Oh, how the boy was broken hearted by my ignorance and (worse) indifference. I've tried to make it up to him by learning the names of drummers, but it's hard.

Eric said...

Everything old is new again.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Music? What music? You mena that caterwaulin' crap that bombards my ears from half a dozen cars while I sit at a traffic light?

That loud 'Bump-Thump' that casues my change compartment to rattle open and dump my pennies on the floor mat?


And youo wonder why you lost track.

I have no urge to hear talentless hacks beat an instrument to death with a tuning fork, thank you ever so much.