Saturday, May 15, 2010

For God's Sake Please Go Outside

Fairly neato, though I'm not sure why. The human race is beginning to resemble my cat when it sees itself in the mirror. Transfixed for no good reason.


F-18 said...

I don't know why the narrator keeps insisting this is technology science fiction writers haven't even written about. What do they call A.I.? Science fiction writers have indeed been speculating on the notion of a technnologically created being that seems so "real" it eventually replaces flesh-and-blood people.

This stuff is as old as the hills.

That they essentially created Wii-boy with the aid of cameras and programmable features is just not news.

My husband's car recognizes his voice every day, as does his cellphone. Heck, his car and his cellphone can communicate with each other.

I am so not impressed.

You're right -- get outside, peeps!!

stpetric said...

Yes, C.D., you're entirely correct. And the whole thing depends on Clair's willing suspension of disbelief. It is very impressive interactive technology, but neither Clair nor we believe for a second that Milo and his world are real.

Andrea said...

I'm pretty sure my car recognizes my voice too, but it just ignores me. Anyway, when they invent an A.I. that poops, then I'll be impressed.