Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You People Can't Scare Me

I survived 1976. Nothing frightens me anymore.


Joan of Argghh! said...

That was the most cringe-worthy thing I've ever seen. Gah!!!

Tom Hyland said...

John Lennon wrote "How Do You Sleep?" around the same time... which was a scathing opinion piece penned to Paul and set to some truly excellent guitar work supplied by George Harrison. The best line, to me, was "That sound you make is Muzak to my ears... you should have learned something in all those years." I will have to start humming something really quick here, or I'm going to be infected by this video all day.

westsoundmodern said...

If you turn off the video and just listen, it sounds strangly like Randy Newman.

Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you to deserve this assault on my senses?

Ephrem Antony Gray said...

Sipps, I loved your combination of Yeats + San Fran (of his era, no less) I versed a response. Hoping it is not mind-destroying terrible.

Not The Way We Know It

The cities were once beautiful
But not the way we know it so
So this is what we are told
We who are young, we who are old.

What is life but messiness
Exhaustedly against we press
The folds of the unfolding air
And breathe out an earthly care

The odors of the many things
Fly on microscopic wings
Like a host of fairy-kin
And stir without, what within

A waking dream unset the dust
Desire a motion, will a gust
The dirt is resting everywhere
Crust of must this must we share

The street alive with trouble's wight
Fear is day, desire is night
But chance awakes a new detour
Distrust mask a special more

Among the wind's cacophany
Rises unwrit symphony
Look not at beauty of the eyes
Heed not our daylight's pretty lies

Nor heed moonshine's false delight
Still and stiller is the might
Of the thing which stills the air
Drunk desire in virtue share

For my dreams are paving-stones
Build they roads and build they homes
Build it high and build it low
Build it now or long ago

A northern light in darkened world
A bow untaut, a scroll unfurled
Eat the bread of living air
Feel the common worldly care

And tip your hat to passerby
Smell of urine, smell of lye
I bit my lip to beauty full
But not the way we know it so.

Casey Klahn said...

As a graduate in the year 1976, I consider this vid a homecoming, of sorts. You had to be there to get it, I guess.

We survived the seventies, so that others won't have to relive it.

Anonymous said...

.... please tell me that was a clip from The Gong Show, and Berry's gong was busted or he was being held down by a gang of ninjas or something.....


JWM said...

Oh no- not this time. I bit on the hideous Russian singer, and the last nightmare dance routine. I'm sadder, but just a little wiser for the experience. I ain't gonna' click that arrow for love or money. Nice try.


teresa said...

I loved it. Wonderful, in an over the top, horrible, rubber-faced sort of a way.

HA HA HA said...

What Teresa said, exactly: It was intentionally hilarious, and brilliantly so.

McCartney was fun back then. An absolute master of his craft, with a gift for writing immortal hooks and a genuine sense of fun. The fey goofiness above is a fitting tribute to a Great Man.

The hell with Lennon. Lennon was a self-pitying, self-important bore.

Golden West said...

No wonder variety shows died, and painfully so.