Sunday, March 07, 2010

Musical Ruminations Engendered By The Sighting Of A Shirtless Juggalo Hitchhiking In Western Maine

(I'm a) Shirtless Juggalo, and everywhere I go,
People see my man-boobs swayin'
Moshing every dance, wearing cargo pants
Oooh - Faygo sprayin'

There will come a day, ICP will pass away,
What will they say about me?
When the end comes I know, I'm a shirtless juggalo
Whoop whoop on, without me


('cause) I ain't got no Goth chick, no Goth chick,
No Goth chick, cares for me,
No Clown chick, no Punk chick
I'm emo and lonely, emo and lonely, emo and lonely
Won't some sweet Juggalette come and take a chance with me?
I need a ride bad.

(much, much more along these lines, which I will mercifully spare you)


vanderleun said...

If you ever, EVER, do that again I will discover where you live and hunt you down with an axe.

You have been WARNZ!

SippicanCottage said...

Hey, don't tell me what to do. You're not my real dad.

Thud said...

ICP performed at a venue I looked after several years back. If I'd have been a teenager I know I would have loved them,something that came as rather a surprise to me.