Friday, March 19, 2010

Buddy And Smoky


OregonGuy said...

"I'd kill ten innocent men to go back there for ten minutes."

Anonymous said...

what is the music in the background???
it's awesome and i could swear i know it but i don't!!!

sykes.1 said...


Russell v. Chamberlain, Orr & Esposito.


And the circus.

And Northeastern held its graduations there.


westsoundmodern said...

I read a book by Russell when I was about thirteen on the art of rebounding and blocking shots. Russell told the story of the shock on Chamberlains face when he blocked his first shot taken in the NBA, his patented fade away jumper which up until that point no one had even attempted to reject due to Chamberlains height and the fact that he was fading away from the basket as he shot it. The point of blocking a shot according to Russell was to gain posession, so he would rarely hammer it into the stands as todays players seem so fond of doing. He would instead get just enough of the ball to drop it gently into his hands and then get the ball into Cousy's hands upcourt with one of his unmatched outlet passes. A real master of his trade. Not flashy, winning and doing the little things to make it possible were all that mattered.

SippicanCottage said...

Wayne- It's Song For My Father by Horace Silver. Buddy was my father, and Smoky was my uncle.

Anonymous said...

it's a really kickin' tune!