Sunday, November 29, 2009

They Were Ugly, But So What? We Should Have Built Identical Replacements By Now


TmjUtah said...

Dunno, boss.

That would be like a statement of defiance... even smacking of an intent to "win".

The people who floated to the top of the current bowl just aren't into that concept.

Sam L. said...

And then there's that danged Environmental Impact Statement to fill out. Which the Jihadists didn't, so that can be added to the charges against KSM. That alone should put him away for life.

julie said...

I'd say almost identical. Maybe just a smidge bigger, and a subtle inclusion of a protuberant middle finger artfully worked into the top of one or both towers.

Jim - PRS said...

In light of what ultimately happened, that was difficult to watch. It is equally difficult to watch the political baloney that has prevented the timely replacement of the Towers.