Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Continuing Series: Pictures Of Paul Robeson Playing Softball Pictures

Sippican Cottage once again apologizes for our lack of alacrity in adding to our ongoing series: Pictures Of Paul Robeson Playing Softball Pictures. Pressed for time again today, and unable to locate the steamer trunk we have filled with pictures of this great thespian and fair hand at throwing the leather, we offer as a milksop, to our tens of thousands of fans that clamor daily for additional pictures of Jose Ferrer missing the tag on Paul Robeson: Videos Of Marlon Brando Playing The Bongos In A Grotto Fashioned After A Drunkard's Nightmare Videos.


Red said...

Back to 'Enchanted' please ;-)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Even your labels are hilarious! Sippican is teh funnay!

Jim - PRS said...

Marlon "Olatunji" Brando.

Who knew?

SippicanCottage said...

Red- Thanks, it will return soon.

Ruth Anne is the nicest person I ever met on the web.

Jim- The world is indeed full of wonders!

That video wasn't one of them.