Saturday, May 30, 2009

There Are Only Two Kinds Of People In Los Angeles

Dick Dale or the Ventures; Von's or Ralph's.

That's it. There is no use dividing people up by race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, height, weight, IQ, or any other way.


MSL said...

SoCal was a different beast back in the days when I grew up in the foothills of Santa Barbara. We rented an old 10,000 square foot Spanish Colonial built by silent film actor Ramon Navarro in the 1920's. It had a secret room for the prohibited booze supply accessed via a swinging bookcase just like in the movies. Pop could have bought it in '66 for 50K. Too much for a newbie Boeing aerospace engineer. As kids we would ride our Schwinn Stingrays down to the pier, hang a drop line for perch and watch the abalone boats come in. One day the movie people came to film the Bat-boat scenes for the original Batman flick. I was pretty disappointed to discover that Batman and the boy-wonder couldn't actually pull themselves up vertical surfaces with their Bat-arang. It was big in population but still small in attitude in many ways in the '60's.
By the way, Dick Dale and Von's.

Country Squire said...
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