Sunday, April 19, 2009

By The Pleasant Seine, Or In Johnny Rockets, Maybe

Madame, if you should come to place of pride and praise -
Beside the green Loire, or by the pleasant Seine,
Adorning ancient mansions with your stately ways -

There in the shelter of the shady groves, you'd start
A thousand sonnets blooming in the poets' hearts,
Whom your great eyes would turn to sycophants and slaves.


Unknown said...

She doesn't look very Creole. :o)

TmjUtah said...

Johnny Rockets or the flowered fields of France? I get the strong impression that the scenery would absolutely revolve around her. And it would be good.

Accept my respectful tip of hat, and best wishes to the two of you, to boot.

vanderleun said...

"If you have a friend on whom you think you can rely
You are a lucky man
If you've found the reason to live on and not to die
You are a lucky man
Preachers and poets and scholars don't know it
Temples and statues and steeples won't show it
If you've got the secret just try not to blow it
Stay a lucky man! A lucky man!"

Eric said...

Red head and freckles. Cute!