Saturday, January 10, 2009

Television Is For Appearing On, Not Looking At, But...

...if you want to make an exception, you can watch me tomorrow on NECN's New England Dream House:

Don't worry, if you miss it because your parole officer won't let you go back home until the evening, they re-run it at 7:00 PM.

Nota Bene: That's not me in the picture. I'm much taller.


misterarthur said...

Congratulations. Don't think I can pick up the show in Detroit. You do have a perky smile.

Thud said...

Thats the only difference? brush up well.

Jay Beckwith said...

I enjoyed the spot today Sully. Will I be seeing you at the Lobster Pot?


Anonymous said...

Dearest 'Gregory' -

Now I know why my cabinets look so cool!

Nice Vest!

Good Luck - Your Biggest Fan,

Dee Dee

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Hey! My kids use that stepper to brush their teeth! They use their happy-white furniture for school.

Now I'm re-thinking my decision not to have you distress the furniture!

I hope you sell out without becoming a sellout.

SippicanCottage said...

Jay Beckwith!

I've played at thousands of music jobs. Bars. Parties. Civic Centers. Tents. Quincy Market. Hell, your parents' wedding. My favorite job ever was the Lobster Pot.

Dee Dee! An early adopter of Sippican Cottage furniture.

I need the vest to hold in all the awesome.

Ruth Anne- You know it was your kids I was talking about.