Sunday, September 07, 2008

Unleash The Tiger

If you gave the average music exec a gold brick, they'd have it bronzed and sell it with an infomercial. The music business is the ultimate manifestation of throw it at the wall and see if it sticks. In a way, there is no explaining what catches people's fancy about one song or movie or another. The greedy, grasping, grabby people that infest the business have learned how to make the wall they're throwing things at slightly more sticky by applying a thick coat of cocaine and bagman money to it before they throw things at it, but it's far from a science, even with all the experience they have now.

If it worked once, they try it again in the same way. They think it was the process that worked. I have my doubts. Here's an example. They were presented with Aretha Franklin once. They said to themselves: I know, let's make her a Shirelle -- or whatever the hell you call the sleeveless tunic dress bouffant haired gogo dancers with the black Betty Boop voices. Boop, Shoop Shoop; whatever...

Why not have her paint your house? It would make about as much use of her talent. Eventually you've got to unleash the tiger. If you're smart enough to know you have one in the first place.

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