Sunday, September 28, 2008

Are You Popular?

I watched the entire video, and I've only come up with one observation about the late forties: It's just like now, of course; but altogether more poorly wallpapered.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

I see myself as more of a birch. You were asking the standard Baba Wawa question, right?

John J. Coupal said...

Yup, just like today.

and what swell wallpaper!

Mother Effingby said...

Caroline? A Bi-Sexual without a taint of scandal? What's not to like! Weenie roast. Yeah, I knew she wasn't serious about her ambiguity.

Harry said...

My childhood home had wallpaper very much like that in the 1950s. It was fashionable at the time, I guess. We who lived through the 1970s should be cautious when making fun of old styles.