Friday, May 02, 2008

Got Cygnet?

If you're new around here, I live in a swamp.

If you live in an apartment in a city, you might have a fanciful idea of a swamp. You'll donate money to save it, if all someone does is call it a "wetland."

You'll be told, early and often, that it's a delicate thing, this swa... um, I mean wetland. It really isn't. It's a ferocious thing.

It cold and rainy here, like it often is in the Spring. The trees don't even have leaves on them yet. The fiddleheads are barely popped.

But let me assure you, the swamp is already on the verge of being impenetrable. Bugs, beasts, brambles, water; ticks in their legions bursting with borreliosis. The beasts come out of it every night and ravage everything that grows. When you fall down, you're pulled to pieces in no time.

I hate the Disney ideal of a delicate thing filled with fronds. It's a mindless beast. It's better to respect the power of it. I do. It almost took my life once. Sometimes, like yesterday, it shows me a little leg for all the trouble it causes.

I'm not sure if it's enough. But it's something, ain't it?


David said...

Gorgeous, in an unforgiving way.

Larry Sheldon said...

Gorgeous indeed.

One of the burdens I have long carried is that of seeing things like deserts and swamps and prairies as things of beauty, full of wonderful things.

Thing is, you can see any of that if you are moving much faster than 10 miles a day.

k n i t t e r p a t s y said...

It's enough. Those photos are gorgeous.

Janet said...

It sure is something.

The best school field trip I ever went on was to a marsh. Not quite a swamp, but still. I saw a great horned owl. To this day, the thought of rubber boots and boggy places makes me very happy. To my shame, I haven't often done it.

Anonymous said...


Out here in Wshington we would call that a desert.

Windyridge said...

We turned our swamp into a pond.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

When swans take a bath, do they leave a signet ring??

Sissy Willis said...

It's a quagmire! Bush's fault.