Saturday, April 05, 2008

Got Happy? No? Get Happy!

I am not officially out of the music business right now, as I am forced by my friends to perform two or three times a year. But "in" the music business now is kind of an exaggeration, too. I'm not sure where the instrument I generally play is located, exactly. It might be in my house.

If I was in a band right now, this would be it. I'm concerned however, that I might have to tone down my hairstyle and fashion sense or they wouldn't let me in.

Abso-fargin-lutely genius here, and one more for our collection of outre covers of this chestnut:


P_J said...

When you have a spare moment, some of your readers might like to learn more about what we assume to be your interesting and varied life.

Janet said...

It never fails to amaze me what you dig up for this blog.

I have probably proven my status as a cave-dweller, but I had never heard of the Leningrad Cowboys. They look like marketing geniuses, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this band sometime in the last two weeks, but these are the first videos I've seen. that hair reminds me of a band I saw 30+ years ago called "Sterno and the Flames"--they wore big pompadour wigs (IIRC, they said they were driving thru Bakersfield, hit a time warp "and came out looking like this!"

Ron said...

Sippican! I too have a vid to share, which I put up before I came here! Come to fluffy stuffin!

David St Lawrence said...

About I month ago I also rediscovered Finland's answer to the Blues Brothers. I couldn't believe they are still rocking after all these years. I posted a link to their stirring performance of Sweet Home Alabama.

David St Lawrence said...

The link did not post correctly. Here it is again:

The article is titled: The Leningrad Cowboys - nothing succeeds like success