Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today's throughput. There are two more piles just like this one, partially finished. I'm a road warrior today. Gasoline costs $3.45? The filling station shuts you off like a drunk at a bar at $75. Who knew? I haven't been outdoors in a year, it seems to me.

I guess I shouldn't have worn long underwear. It's eighty.


P_J said...

Wow, is that tiger maple? Very nice.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

That settles it. I want a console table in tiger maple.

The stepper in south portland straw looks grand as well.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Pastor Jeff:
The tiger maple looks even more beautiful in person. You touch it and you almost think it should purr.

P_J said...

I know it's totally off-topic, but to me tiger maple is another sign that God loves us. I can understand how and why the wood looks that way scientifically, but why it should be so beautiful defies materialistic explanation.

Of course others say the same thing but replace "wood" with "beer" and "beautiful" with "delicious," but you get the point.

Unknown said...

First time the pump stopped at $75.00 for me I was stupid enough to think that "Wow, that was cool, exactly $75 of gas"