Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Want

[Editor's Note: The magnificent mundane pictures are from Square America.]
I want to participate unreservedly in American life.

I want to say hello to my neighbors. I want to send my children to school on a bus with their brethren to read of George Washington and Abe Lincoln. I want them to eat a peanut butter sandwich from a paper sack with a waxy box of whole milk to wash it down.

I want to watch the news and not think it's an assault on my worldview. I want to watch the news and not think it's an assault on the worldview of people with whom I disagree.

I want to read a newspaper. I want to listen to the radio. I wouldn't mind constructing my own radio with a soldering iron and a few parts that came mail order, but I'd rather not construct the playlist of songs. How would I know what I liked if I had never heard it?

I want to order a drink from the well. I want to sit on naugahyde. I want someone to smoke. I don't want to smoke. I want people to make music right there in front of me. I want everybody to know the words.

I want everyone to dress as well as they can for a social occasion and still be dressed badly. I want to see dress shoes and white socks.
I want to see old people. I want to see babies. I want to tell people their ugly children are beautiful. I want the ballgame to be on TV. I want the TV to be on a shelf over a bar.

I want to go to church on Sunday. I want to go to a bar on Friday night. I want to go dancing with my wife of many years on Saturday. I want to be buried in the same suit I was married in. I want people to stand there and look at my cold face and say I was no great shakes but I was alright.
I want someone to put flowers on my grave after everyone else has forgotten I was alive.


P_J said...

I want to buy you a drink.

Teri said...

I want to live in a town where people talk about things that happened while I was away and assume I was still living there then. Oh wait, I do live there now ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to move to a town where the vast majority of the people think like this.


I'm Full of Soup said...

You're still alive Sipp? I thought you might be some kind of smart internet bot.

If you can prove it, I'll buy drinks for you and Pastor Jeff and me until we can't drink anymore....not forever just for one evening you understand.

I'm Full of Soup said...

And Sipp if you are an internet Bot, I will be disappointed.

SippicanCottage said...

PJ- I'll buy the next three!
Hi Teri and Bob-Thanks for reading and commenting
AJ- Am I missing something? I don't get the bot reference.

Beware offering Irishmen unlimited booze in late March.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I want for nothing--I read Sippican Cottage everyday and own his furniture.

I'm Full of Soup said...


Bot was just a bad joke- kidding you that maybe your blog and you are really just intenet bots. And don't actually exist.

Again just a poor attempt at humor on my part.

And good point about paying the tab for an Irishman any time of the year!

SippicanCottage said...

AJ-Perhaps it was a good joke and I was a bad audience. That was my fear.

Ruth Anne- What a pleasant thing to say. Thank you.

I've met so many pleasant people on the Intertubes. Funny, that. It doesn't have a reputation for being a pleasant place.