Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Face Rump

I've decided to attract as much traffic as possible to my blog, drawn from people who are looking for something else. Other than the Prozac Klatches of paranoid housebound agoraphobes that overpopulate the intertubes, filled with blog posts detailing in excruciating, misspelled logorrhea how

***insert innocuous political figure here*** is Hitler,

then inviting their MeTooLegions to use the word "definately" and some grade school swears one more time in the comments section, there's really only one way to get misdirected misanthrope traffic to your blog. And you know what it is.

But I don't do "Blue," as you might have gathered, so I can only get people to come here by accident, by accident, as it were. But I figure this ought to do the trick. I give you, ladies and gentlemen,


Face rump. Face rump. Face rump. (Are you getting this, Google? I said face rump!)

I need to work on a description of the hot babes out front. Nothing comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

How about adding a tag of "Venus in Furs"? (I recall that as a book title--Sacher-Masoch, I think.) I don't get enough resolution to be sure, but there seems to be fur-like trim on one, maybe two of those coats.

What cut of meat is a "face rump"?

Larry Sheldon said...

Ooooo! Furs!

That ought to get the PETA (or is it PITA?) crowd.

And yes, Google noticed.

Larry Sheldon said...

URL dint wrap!

Try this:

P_J said...

Face rump? I think that's a cut made possible by anal-cranial impaction.

Or maybe it's some kinky take on that Nicolas Cage/John Travolta movie?

Larry - Furs are not a good idea. You will not only get the PeTA-types, but the even-more-disturbing "furry" crowd.

SippicanCottage said...

Heh. Google:face rump

P_J said...

The ancient origins of Face Rump -- discovered!

PatHMV said...

Your long-ago post on "adult movies" didn't do that for you already? I posted a follow-up to your original post, and we get 3 or 4 hits a day from people who searched for "adult movie" in Google, then waded through 10 or 15 pages of results to find that old post. I wonder whether they are excited or disappointed to find that the post had no pictures of naked women...

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Pat- I forgot about that. Funny. Of course, with Face Rump, I'm likely to get a whole 'nother kind of weirdo.

Or maybe meatpackers.

Anonymous said...

I find "boobies" a surefire traffic draw. Also "weasel porn." Inadvertent misspellings are excellent, because you reap the Google searches of the similarly bad spellers. I got hits on "Janet Jackon" for ages. Would I have placed so high on the search had I spelled her name correctly? No.

Of course, hits are to readers as people who brush against you on the bus are to friends. But sometimes a body wants to see some numbahs.