Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Life, Summed Up

A drive-by commenter left this appended to one of my old posts:

Anonymous said...

Hello - don't blog myself, not sure I know anyone who does (I'm an Internet guy) - but stumbled across your thoughts while tracking down the Sippican River. Liked Sei Shonagon, liked Procol Harum on YouTube, liked the general ambience & line of thought. What more can one say? Hope you're enjoying life, and good luck with the fine furniture.

"Hope you're enjoying life, and good luck with the fine furniture."


Ladies and gentlemen -- my business card, raison d'etre, rallying cry, slogan, business plan, home self-help study course.

And eventually, my headstone.

Update: ( How exciting. I've never updated anything before.)
My fellow Massachusetti and self described "reader but not commenter" Jill sent me this:

Now I can die in piece. Or if I get sleepy at the tablesaw, in pieces.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Sip: Speaking as one of the regular readers--we luv ya' to pieces.

SippicanCottage said...

Hey Ruth Anne. Thanks.

Being regular is indeed important.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

"The most underestimated thing in the world," according to my dearly departed Daddy. [That was one of his three or four stock phrases, by the way.]