Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thanks Everybody

Thanks to dirtcrasher for sending along this picture of the B-24 in flight.
Thanks to Pajamas Media for putting us on their Daily Scroll.
Thanks to Maggie's Farm for linking to us.
Thanks to Patrick Martin for sending along his good wishes and linking to his fine story about his trip to the D-Day Museum on Stubborn Facts.
Thanks to Callimachus for his link, story, and more great pictures over at Done With Mirrors.
Thanks to Takhullus over at Sideways Mencken for noticing.
Thanks to the Collings Foundation for flying these things around.
Thank you to everybody else for reading and commenting and making my father happy two days in a row.
B-24 landing gear
Climb right in, and they'll lower you out of the plane. Nice view. Look out for Zeros.
My dad flew in one of these too. B-25. Says it' s the only plane he ever threw up in. Said it was like a Ferrari, while his B-24 was like a Model A Ford.

With guns.


Editor Theorist said...

It was a beautiful piece - I got my wife to read it and she agreed.

Of course, the subject was very affecting, but one where it would be easy to dip ino bathos.

What made it special was the quality of writing.

SippicanCottage said...

Thank you, you're very kind.

NotClauswitz said...

I'm glad I could add something, and I'm glad for your dad and you. I wish I had the money to go for a ride in one!

Ron said...

More terrific writing, Sippican. You've been much more enjoyable to read than Ann lately...

NotClauswitz said...

My dad hitched' a ride in a B-25, on leave from Annapolis to go home to California. Said it was so loud you couldn't even hear yourself think. The engines' exhaust ports are like 3-feet from the body of the plane, and pointed at it - just beats the hell out of you. He left the 'plane mid-continent and finished the trip by rail.

Ron said...

At the end of the war, in a huge public park not too far from home in Detroit, the Army was selling two things: Sherman tanks with the barrels removed or plugged, and B-25's, stock. Both items were $50. The trick was you had to remove them yourself, and no driving your new Sherman down any streets! The race for scrap metal ensued...