Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stop Me Before I Chatham Again

You know, when you try to go with the zeitgeist, the vibe is always a moving target. That's a picture of Mr. Whalevedere, and I bet the town fathers thought they were a wild and cracy bunch when they put this ouside the town offices. It's kinda charming in its own right. But it's not hip. Hip replacement hip, really.

Here's the Chamber of Commerce information thingie in Chatham. It's right downtown and gives just the right impression about the place. There's an old joke about New England towns:
"I never go to public bathrooms in New England."
"Why is that?"
"I'm afraid if I take it out, someone will paint it white and hang shutters on either side of it."

Colonial houses can appear very chaste and elegantly plain. But get your hands on five starfish, and you're a whimsical trainwreck.

Here's the shopping district, looking sorta medieval on steroids. It has that rarest of things in it: Art galleries with pleasant but not kitsch paintings. Art should be looked at through a window with real muntins first. Check.

You've got 'til Columbus Day to stroll in the fine weather. After that, it's Katie Bar The Door until Memorial Day. Hurry up.


Editor Theorist said...

I have bought - from taxed income - photos of New England towns that are significantly worse than these (an indirect compliment). Ah - the joys of the internet...

I've only been to New England twice, physically; and only in summer/fall, but I love it as a place to dream about above any other.

I've a bookcasefull of volumes by New England authors - one of whom would probably be my 'Desert Island Discs' first choice.

SippicanCottage said...

We endeavour to give satisfaction, sir.