Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pat And Stanley

Do you know about Pat and Stanley? I discovered them while looking for something else on the internet, and my three year old son is laying siege to my office right now, trying to get his hippo and silly doggie fix:

They're speaking French, and my French is pretty rusty, but it doesn't matter much. My toddler doesn't speak much of anything, and he's out of his mind for Pat and Stanley. There's a kind of rude charm about them, an irreverence and foolish earnestness which comes across in most any non-Taliban country.

Here's the one that got us hooked in the first place, and sent us scurrying for more.

According to Wikipedia, they belong to an Italian candy company, Ferraro SpA, who also make tic-tacs. Pat and Stanley are selling Kinder Happy Hippos, a sort of hippo shaped cookie available in Europe. They could sell steaks at a PETA picnic, if my little son is any indication:

YouTube can be a marvelous thing. It serves as more of a catalogue of human likes and dislikes for me than any other medium now. For all I know, Pat and Stanley are well known by everyone reading this, and I'm last to the party. I'll risk it, to show it to you.
Advertising sometimes attracts the most talented people to it, and here's a perfect example if that. I think kindly of anybody that brushes their teeth like Pat and Stanley, and makes my little boy laugh:

Bravo Andre Roche. Bravo Pat and Stanley!


Ruth Anne Adams said...

They're new to me, too. So you're not the last. How do they sell their hippo grahams anyway? I saw no product placement. Perhaps their subtlety is lost on this ugly American.

They relied on the fat guy/skinny guy comedy schtick. It usually works. Take note: Laurel and Hardy; Abbot and Costello; Gleason and Carney; Timon and Pumbaa.

I'm sure there are others.

Milo rocks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. We'd never seen them either, but there was much laughter and "See it again!" here this morning.

Thanks for helping make my 3-year-old happy.

Ruth Anne -- Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

That dog doing the pelvic thrust is hilarious.

Pastor Jeff: Fred and Barney; Skipper and Gilligan.