Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Could Paint That, But My Brushes Are Too Small

I had to dash all over creation today. I found myself in Chatham, Massachusetts in the early afternoon. I risked death, dismemberment, and a general lack of other motorist's bonhomie -- as distinguished by the raised finger salute I received for daring to jerk the truck over at this spot ---to get you, my dear readers, this essential view of the fabulous thingness of late summer light on Cape Cod.

You're welcome.

More tomorrow.


P_J said...

Well, I'd have felt bad if you'd died trying to get the shot, but it is a nice picture.

So, thanks.

XWL said...

Thingness is the right word for a picture taken on a pretty Thing day.

(and personal safety should trump artistry, even in the service of your blog)

(but thanks for the photo. I guess I should get a real camera and take real pictures of stuff around here one of these years)