Thursday, September 14, 2006

45s I Won't Throw Out

Well, I've posted twice in one day. That just doesn't happen. But certain gauntlets must be picked up. My friend Ann Althouse hurled one at my feet, though perhaps she didn't know it. Ann got a head start on me, calendar-wise, but hey, bring it on.


P_J said...

Boy, I'm glad you did this.

I wanted to mention how much I treasure my mom's old 45 of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing "Shotgun Boogie" but I didn't know how that would play chez Althouse.

No joking.

XWL said...

Your 45 of Johnny Nash looks perfectly playable though.

Hers, of the 4 Seasons, looks like it has been used as a coaster, or a table leg leveller.

I packed off all my vinyl and donated to the Goodwill in 1994.

Ron said...

I too will rummage and post!

knox said...

Worth keeping just for the label!

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, wait. "Memory Lane"? This suggests it was bought as an oldie....

SippicanCottage said...

Ann is looking to win this one on points, with a technical knock out.

It's a thirty year old record. I think the original record company went out of business.

You're older than me! You got a head start!

I bought singles from a business that used to get them for jukeboxes. I swear you could buy anything in that store - drugs, booze, weapons, babies... I think I was the only one buying the records.