Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016 From Unorganized Hancock and the Pigeon Sisters

My two sons, AKA Unorganized Hancock, are performing at the 49 Franklin event venue here in Rumford, Maine, this Valentine's Day. They're full of love, those boys, and mischief, which is a great combination.

Unorganized Hancock has performed several times at 49 Franklin. If memory serves, it was the very first public venue they ever played at. It's a converted church, and has different rooms for different types of functions. UH has always performed in the Mystic Theater, which holds about 75 people. It's a really nice room with a high ceiling, a real stage, and nightclub seating. This year, they're playing in a bigger room downstairs that has big Gothic windows and an acre of hardwood floor. It's where bigger events like weddings and so forth are held.

The kids are playing two sets. It's the sort of music job we used to refer to as "General Business." Weddings, parties, and corporate events all fell under General Business back when I did it. I have no idea if anyone still calls it that. The boys will play a low-key Jazz set while people commingle and then eat dinner. After some somewhat official Valentine's Day activities, the boys will finish with an hour of dance music.

The weather forecast for Sunday calls for a high of 7 degrees, and 10 below zero at night. This is the time of year when everyone does things indoors here, and I hope the boys have a jolly crowd to take the curse off midwinter. I know they'll bring spare jolly to hand out if anyone's short.

49 Franklin.


Sam L. said...

Great video! I was kinda looking for Bela Lugosi amongst the kissing scenes; did I miss him?

Thud said...

Go to it boys!

Larry Geiger said...

Reverberating Sponge Bob. Love it.

Esteve said...

Haven't visited in a while. Sent over by Ace. Older son's singing voice has matured quite nicely and is most impressive.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Esteve- Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. The even better than good news is that this video is now more than a year old, and he sings even stronger now. Thanks for noticing.

Fat Man said...

Aren't you afraid that the drummer is going to grow up?