Sunday, August 16, 2015

The International Language of Love: Steely Dan

I'll have a Number Seven, with a side of miso soup.

There are numerous trite opportunities to mention raying down the raw and blaking it, but  I urge you not to. We must experience the Dopamines in their native habitat, and appreciate the forces that produce a Steely Dan cover band at the Sumida Street Jazz Festival in Tokyo. We must appreciate it all the way to the the tinny goodness of that last wan cymbal hit by the drummer.

The United States of America took over the world, you know, without firing a shot, really. The wars were sideshows. A Steely Dan cover band at the Sumida Street Jazz Festival makes building a triumphal arch somewhere superfluous. When Japanese people sing, "angular banjos sound good to me," we've crossed a pop culture Rubicon that can't be forded in reverse.

The United States of America has led the world out into a wilderness. It has a responsibility to go forward. Moses didn't take the Jews into the desert, turn around, and say, "Now what do you want to do? I'm wide open here."

The United States must keep going. Angular banjos don't really sound that great.


Sam L. said...

That guy with the hat--that's the kind your Spare would look GREAT in. I'm tellin' ya; your boy NEEDS that hat!

vanderleun said...

You realize that it is now going to take years of professional therapy to erase the video from my brain. Years and thousands of dollars. My lawyers will be in touch.

leelu said...

Donald and Walter would be impressed. Altho, I can't see Donald in a Kimono...

RonF said...

I'm impressed with the courage it took those kids to do that. Or the sheer insanity. I'm an admirer of both.