Monday, August 17, 2015

Dr. Hook on Shel Silverstein's Houseboat

I do believe that title is what you call clickbait. It's not as effective as a 500-word search engine-optimized article with between 1 and 2 percent keyphrase density about diet pills or an app that delivers pizza to you while you're stopped at a traffic light in a crowdfunded cab. But it's pretty hard to pass by without stopping, surely.

The fact that Shel Silverstein wrote Sylvia's Mother is one of those trivia questions that everyone knows, but everyone tries springing on everyone else anyway. I'm sort of strange, so Shel Silverstein isn't a notable author of children's books who also wrote a hit song; he's a guy who wrote Sylvia's Mother and the trivia question is that he wrote some obscure children's books I've never been interested in.

If you don't know who's who, Shel is the feller with the dirty feet who's inexpertly playing the harmonica. Your house, your rules.


Sam L. said...

I wuz wunderin where Ol' Shel was; reckanized him from his cartoons. Knew he wrote songs; never heard this one before.

Sam L. said...

Sy, howze come you always put a garbage can after my posts? You tryin' to tell me sumpin? In a passive-aggressive way? Steada straight from the shoulder, man-to-man?

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Sam- On the off-chance you're not simply making a joke about the garbage can, Blogger allows you to erase your own comments. You only see the trash can next to your own comments because you're not allowed to erase anyone else's. I can erase anyone's comment if I want to, but it's pretty rare.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

chasmatic said...
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chasmatic said...

Shel Silverstein also wrote an article for Playboy magazine.

The Perfect High - The Quest of Gimmesome Roy



Dadgum it Sipp, can't get this link into url

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Chasmatic- I think this is it: The Quest of Gimmesome Roy. (Some swearing)

Anonymous said...

Oh good freakin' grief, Bon Jovi thought he'd cover this -

Just wrong.


Sam L. said...

Yes, Mr. Sippi, I was jesting about that garbage can. I know you aren't deliberately offensive to your readers and commenters, and unless I've missed any, not even accidentally offensive. It's just that sometimes you activate my SILLY RESPONSE button, and that tickles my fancy (and sometimes my plain or my unadorned). Depends on just exactly where on that button you hit it. Sometimes it only takes a gnat landing on it.

chasmatic said...

Sam, a little known phenomenon with computers is the "ohonosecond" which is the spilt second you click the mouse and see that you shouldn't have. Lucky for me I am slowing down some so I can experience the "ohnominute".

Yes, Sipp, that's the poem. I posted something on my blog but I can't get the links to work so good.

Came across this one, just couldn't see UH doing it even if I squinted and held my head askew.

RonF said...

"And the operator says '40 cents more for the next 3 minutes'"

A lyric that nobody under the age of 40 will understand.

Sam L. said...

Pay phones; hard to find theses days, Ron, and have been for some years.

I moved to a little town in the midwest in '70 and was surprised I needed an operator to call long-distance.

JC said...

And don't forget "Boy Named Sue" and "The Unicorn", other big Silverstein hits!

Leslie Godwin said...

I might have mentioned this in a comment before -- can you blame me? -- but I actually saw Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show live in 1975, opening for Sparks. They were unkindly booed off the stage by the Sparks contingent (AKA the audience), except they were defiant and refused to leave. I remember the guy with the eye patch taunting the audience with a spirited pantomime of masturbation.

One of the more surreal juxtapositions since Hendrix opened for the Monkees in '67.

Leslie Godwin said...

BTW, that was Gagdad. Forgot I was on the wife's computin' machine.

chasmatic said...

How about Hendrix playing backup for Buddy & Stacey's version of Shotgun?
You can see him next to the drummer.