Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Bone Shaker. The Bike, I Mean

You keep that up, dude, you won't be able to stop a pig in a ginnel. 

Who's the Brit cycling ninny
That's a sex machine to all the hinny?
You're damn right
Who is the man
That would risk a dunch for a Black and Tan?
Can ya dig it?
Who's the cat that won't cop out
When there's dibble all about?
Right on
You see this cat Barnes is a workyticket
(Shut your mouth)
But I'm talkin' about Barnes
(Then we can dig it)
He's a antwacky man
And no one understands him but a gadgie
(Martin Barnes)


julie said...

I admire his perseverance; just one trip over the front of that thing would have been enough to put me off for life.

Pretty cool ride if you can handle it, though.

Sam L. said...

That be a marvy parody song, Mr. Sippi! I can DIG it!