Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sippican Cottage. Your Home for Bolognese Skiffle

I can never figure out if the world is wonderful or a dreadful bore. Whenever I'm feeling particularly jaded, I usually head on out to the Intertunnels and look for Bolognese Beatles cover bands doing outre versions of Liverpudlian rockabilly songs.

The fellow singing the McCartney part  in this video is Galeazzo Frudua. He taught my son how to sing the harmony parts of All My Loving, although Galeazzo might be surprised to know that.

Galeazzo and his charming coven of friends have been featured here before:
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[Update: Many thanks to Kathleen M. from Connecticut for her constant support of my children's efforts via the TipJar. It is greatly appreciated]


leelu said...

But, accordion!!

chasmatic said...

Tread softly leelu, I happen to like accordions and they are used outside the polka milieu. I think that's what gets this tune over.

Hey Sipp, what the heck kinda bass is that guy playing?

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Leelu

Hi Chas- It's a Regal Resonator. It's something of an odd duck. Short scale neck, too. It makes a certain amount of noise acoustically, but it has a lipstick case pickup on it, too.

chasmatic said...

Thanks Sipp. It certainly is odd. But it looks and sounds good. I thought I was being eccentric by wanting a Danelectro Longhorn. the last setup I owned was a Fender pre-CBS P-bass through a Vox Westminster with two single eighteen cabs. Talk about bottom.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I kinda liked that! The chord progressions were jostling at first but ...I dig it. Nice beat, you can dance to it. Sort of. 7.

Gringo said...

My suggestion to The Vergas is that if they ever decide to perform in Venezuela, they might consider changing the name of their group.